Kid's pages are for all junior rockhounds that enjoy rocks more than just throwing rock at old coffee cans or skipping them across the water. Books are valuable tools for identifing rocks and fossils.

Eyewitness Handbook Gem Stones, is a visual guide to more than 130 gemstones varieties. With 160 pages and a good Glossary of words.
Another Great book for juniors. A guide to Rocks & Fossils, Published by Fog City Press. 288 pages of information and colored pictures make learning fun and easy.
Here are some Quizs to test your knowledge of rocks and fossils. See if you can score a 100% correct.
Quiz #1 Rocks are fun
Quiz #2 Fossils are fun
Quiz #3 What is your Birthstone?
Quiz #4 Rocks go to class
Quiz #5 Volcanos
Metamorphic Quiz #6
Kids, don't forget your Junior Club meeting and projects. Second Friday of the month, see you soon.


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