Kitsap Mineral and Gem Society

Not all dates may have been confirmed for 2018
check for updates.

You are invited:

  • July14th, 2018 12:00 noon-4:00PM, Club pot luck Picnic at Frank Raab Municipal Park, (Caldart Ave. NE) Poulsbo, Washington. Need a Map? Come join the PICNIC, bring your favorite hot dish or salad or dessert. Club supplies hotdogs and hamburgers and soft drinks

  • August 22th--26th, 2018 Kitsap Co. Fairgrounds, President's Hall. Stop by our displays and say "Hi". Need a Map?

  • November 17th - 18th, 2018 Fall Festival of Gems at Kitsap Co. Fairgrounds, President's Hall. For kids of all ages. See rocks and minerals from around the world. Many dealers, Lots of demonstrators, "how to's" on many subjects. More To copy this poster. *(right click your mouse on the poster and click on print).

  • December 14, 2018 CHRISTMAS Potluck dinner Set up at 5 pm eat at 6:00 at Hillcrest Church Across from Wal-Mart 6750 State Highway 303. NE. Bremerton, WA The club supplies Ham, Turkey and coffee, members bring hot dishes and dessert. Also bring your own place settings (dishes favorite cup, knife, fork and spoon and appetite)...Slab bingo. Need a Map?

  • NORTHWEST AREA CLUB SHOWS 2017 click here

    All persons wishing to join any of the listed "Field Trips" must be a member of a Rock Club. If a person wishes to go on a trip they MUST call the "info" person for insurance reason and see if any changes have been made on time or places.

    Field Trip 12 Essentials and Check List, small file or large file

    Check for the NEXT Field Trip in the Newsletter.

    Kalama, WA Green Mt. Rules
    Kalama Site Access Information

    There have been some people walking in to this area and undermining trees and digging in streams. This may cause us to get kicked out of this area for good. Please help us to stay in this area by obeying these simple rules.
    Thank you

    Long View Fibre is now Long View Timber

  • We will be able to get back in to Kalama Green Mountain area to rockhound, with some restrictions. We need to be on our best behavior. I.E. fill in our holes, and not dig where we should not. The area south of the beaver ponds is closed and the J. E. Johnson road area (south of the ponds) is Closed FOREVER.

  • The area North of the ponds is open.
    Remember that if you go on LVT property to rockhound, let them know you are doing so. If we want to keep this area open we must follow the rules set forth by the land owners. Long View Timber.
  • For more information please contact the Bellevue Rock Club at
    Long View Timber (LVT) has sent the WSMC a set of rules to be followed while on their property. This applies to the Kalama area as well as the rest of Long View Timber land.
  • All people that want to rockhound on LVT land need to contact LVT and ask them if it is ok to go onto there land. This applies to ALL, even if you have all the proper paper work and have gotten a key for your club you need to contact LVT and ask if it is ok. For safety reasons, LVT requests all rock hounding recreational users of the Kalama Green Mountain area to get permission before going onto their property.
  • In the summer time they generally close their land to recreational use due to FIRE hazard. Also they may be working the land and at that time there would be no access to the general public. All who take a group or go as a individual on to there land must have permission from LVT.
  • We will try our best to post when the area is closed, it will be posted at on this website. Long View Timber Rules While On Company Property.
    1.) All members will enter through the gate at the same time. Their names and vehicle license numbers will be recorded. They will then be signed out as they leave the property.
    2.) Vehicles must stay on rocked roads only.
    3.) No Digging in any creeks or channels, whether they contain water or are dry. No dirt is to be placed so that it may get in to the creeks.
    4.) Any holes that are created as a result of digging, are to be back filled, so there are no "fox holes" left behind.
    5.) No Fires at any time or for any reason.
    6.) No Smoking during travel or while working.
    7.) No camping.
    8.) Anyone found digging in a Creek will be escorted off the property.

  • Please be sure to follow these simple rules while on Long view Timber property. Doing so will help ensure rockhounds continued access to this area.
    It is always best to call on Long View Timber to see if the area is open to rockhounding and it also lets them know when someone will be on there land.
    Thanks for your help

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