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Fall Festival of Gems

Come join the FUN.
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Kitsap Co. Fairgrounds Presidents Hall
1200 NW Fairgrounds Rd.
Bremerton, WA

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Mike Heesacker, with hundreds of Scouts and helpers, help to make the Festival of Gems A fun place for all the juniors. Scouts working for their merit badges and schools trying to win the Mineral Case for their school, keeps the Presidents Hall buzzing. This activity has increased our show's attendance and introduced more of our community to our club.

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The Spinning Wheel of Fortune made many young visitors rich with Rock Critters. Rock Critters are fanciful animals made from rocks and pipe cleaners, feathers, eyes and endless other items. Bags of polished rocks Minerals and other surprises

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The silent auction table is always a place of excitement with all the different kinds and sizes of rocks and minerals. Youngsters of all ages wait with great anticipation to see if they have won their favorite rock.

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Bob Sahli, Master Carver, is Known coast to coast for his detail and variety. No one can say enough to describe his many master pieces. He has Just completed a whale attacked by a giant squid. Many peoples' favorite is his salmon. You look at it with Amazement. It is so simple, smooth, and perfect. And then his Eagle is hard to believe with each feather carved to perfection.

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Lots of Dealers sell Minerals,(Pyrite, Beryl, Barite, Selenite and etc.) Fossils, (Ferns, Petrified Wood, Corals, Crinoids, Trilobites, Dinosaurs and etc.) Beads of all colors, Carvings from different rocks and much more to the young and older Rockhound.

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