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Rocks go to class. Quiz #4
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1. There are 3 main Classifications of rocks. Can you name one?
2. Volcanic, liquid molten magma creates another class of rocks. What is it?
3. Name some Sedimentary rocks.
4. If I find a nice piece of Obsidian to which class of rocks dose it belong?
5. One class of rocks are modified by pressure, heat and other minerals. which is it?
6. To which class do these belong? Pumice, apache tears, geodes, crystals, granite.
7. Quartzite, Marble, and Slate are in what class of rocks?
8. Layers of mud and sand in a valley lake or bay, form what class of rocks?
9. Metamorphic class has two sub-classes, Foliated & Non-Foliated.
10. Rock Salt, Gypsum and Conglomerate rock are in the Metamorphic class.
11. Two or more minerals, make a good rock.
12. Metamorphic rocks that are Foliated have layered or a banded appearance.

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