Metamorphic Rocks, Quiz #6
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1. Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have changed in some way.
2. Metamorphic rocks are changed by:
3. When Magma moves around in the earth crust, what is it called? -F-
4. Contact metamorphism take place when magma is injected into the surrounding solid rock.
5. Metamorphic rocks were once.
6. Large grain Sandstone with heat or pressure changes to: -A-
7. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and can changes into: -B-
8. Shale is fined grained mud or clay and can morph into: -C-
9. Serpentine under great pressure will morph into: -D-
10. What main rock type produces Marble, Slate and Quartzite?
11. When Basalt cools slowly it changes to: -E-
12. What rock type is formed in the bottom of a lake?

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